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About Us

Educational Facilitators was created by Wendy and Marilyn as they became increasingly involved in professional workshops for teachers. Their interest in learning communities, how people learn to read and gain numeracy skills led them to Tribes and the research about establishing positive learning environments. Their experiences in professional learning communities fueled their love of learning in a collaborative setting.

Marilyn retired as a classroom teacher in June 2007 after spending three decades teaching in the primary division. She loves the daily challenges and celebrations of nurturing academic and social growth in students. Marilyn believes that structuring learning within the "caring curriculum" that the Tribes TLC learning process fosters self-confidence, self-esteem and facilitates academic risk-taking and achievement.

Marilyn's academic credentials include a Master of Education degree which examined early reading acquisition. Her teaching experience is with Middlesex County and the Halton District School Board. Marilyn has presented numerous workshops on primary Mathematics, Language programs, Informational Technology, Child Abuse and Science. She is an experienced summer institute E.T.F.O. presenter. She was nominated and selected as the Halton Elementary Teachers' Federation Distinguished Educator for the 2005-2006 school year.

Wendy retired as an elementary principal in June 2007. She has enjoyed many diverse educational experiences during her career including teaching children in primary, junior, intermediate and senior divisions as well adults through the District and Ministry�s Continuing Education Programs. Wendy was also the Halton District School Board�s Special Education Coordinator for 3 years She has presented numerous workshops during her career on Professional Learning Communities, Special Education Initiatives, Administrative Policies and Procedures, Bullying and Child Abuse.

Wendy was selected as one of Canada�s Outstanding Principals in the 2006-2007 school year

Wendy had the privilege of opening a new school named Silver Creek Public School in Georgetown, 5 years ago. Through Wendy�s leadership, Silver Creek evolved into a Tribes School.. The Tribes Process (, was at the very heart of the school and it beautifully enhanced the building of a positive learning environment that consisted of common language to build social responsibility, mutual respect and belonging in the classroom, in the school and within and beyond the parent community. The Triibes Process empowered students and staff to feel free to take risks because they were able to learn best when they:
  • Felt included and appreciated
  • Were respected for our different abilities, cultures, gender, interests and dreams
  • Involved actively in their own learning
  • Had positive expectations from others that they would succeed
The Tribes Process also helped the school build a culture of academic excellence because it gave teachers the blueprint to base their programs on: Brain Compatible Learning, Multiple Intelligences, Authentic Assessment, Learning Styles, Gender Understanding and Cooperative Learning. (The Tribes focus at Silver Creek was showcased in the March 2004 Halton District School Board�s Community Newsletter � Education Matters!)

Staff, students and community have had many successes due to the fact that their energies were focused on the belief that their school was a community of learners and that the best people to improve learning were learners. This was the shared purpose and belief. The learning journey (culture) was solidly based upon a true sense of care and respect for each other �staff, parents and students. Everyone was able to take risks in theur own learning, to share therr learning with others and to learn from others. This was possible because of a culture that was safe, trusting, supporting, accepting, and encouraging.

Silver Creek was showcased on Omni Television in the Spring of 2004, in Today�s Parent as one of Canada�s Top Ten Schools in the Fall of 2004 and Toronto City TV in the Fall of 2006.

Marilyn and Wendy have had rich experiences sharing Tribes as a the �powerful tool� to support academic and social growth in people of all ages. As Tribes trainers, they have lead over 60 sessions of the Basic 24 Hour Tribes Training. Participants for the trainings have been:
  • Public, Private, Roman Catholic and Islamic School Communities.
  • Teachers
  • Teacher candidates
  • School Administrators
  • Parents, School Council Members, and Trustees
  • Day Care Providers
Training locations were:
  • Ontario - Bramalea , Burlington .Georgetown, King City, Markham, Milton, New Liskeard, Pembroke, Peterborough (Trent University), Ottawa (University of Ottawa), and Waterloo
  • Quebec - Quebec City
They are looking forward to expanding their learning communities to include:
  • Daycare Staff and Parents
  • Regional Health Care Staff
  • Community Recreation Staff.
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