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  • Marilyn and Wendy see Tribes as a powerful tool to support academic and social growth in people of all ages.
  • Wendy and Marilyn have used the Tribes process in classrooms and at the whole school level. They have been trainers since 2002. They are certified to train teachers in the Elementary, Intermediate and Secondary panels. Educators trained have been at Faculties of Education, employed in Public, Roman Catholic and Islamic schools, or working in Indigenous schools in the far north.
  • Teacher candidates, teachers, school administrators, parents, and Trustees have been trained.
  • For more information please call, fax or email
Other Information

Other Workshop Sessions
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Character Education/ Virtues Education
  • Establishing a Positive Professional Learning Community at a School Level
  • Collaborative Learning Communities and Primary Science
  • Diversity
These sessions can be arranged, scheduled and modified to meet individual needs.

For Teacher Candidates
These sessions can be modified to meet the specific needs of participants. Many are intended to specifically inform teacher candidates attending colleges in the Buffalo area who are seeking employment in Ontario schools.

1. Group Sessions
  • Daily Physical Activity
  • Ontario Curriculum Highlights: Language Arts, Science, Mathematics
  • Special Education Practices and Differentiated Instruction
  • Diversity
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Character Education/ Virtues Educational Facilitators
  • Daily Physical Activity
  • Child Abuse Prevention and Procedures
  • Literacy Connections and Tribes
  • Using Tribes to build an effective Mathematics community
2. Individual Sessions
  • Mock interview practice: This is an individual session that will replicate an interview session and help candidates develop their skills to communicate their value, beliefs, knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for teaching before that all important interview process.
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