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Tribes Testimonials
"Students cannot learn unless they feel they are in a safe, secure and nurturing environment. Tribes allows students to feel safe, secure and nurtured. When inclusion and community are built into the curriculum, students feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions. Once the 4 Agreements are in place and practiced by the students they are more likely to take a chance and share their feelings and ideas during discussions when they know they will not be ridiculed or laughed at. The reflection aspect of Tribes gives students time to contemplate and reflect. They are able to learn about themselves as learners while reflecting. As a teacher, I am able to spend my time teaching and setting up a learning environment that promotes discovery and creativity rather than spending y time disciplining behaviour issues. Tribes activities build social relationships and skills. From this students are able to participate effectively in cooperative learning opportunities. Tribes encourages meaningful communication and feedback."
John Shewfelt - Grade 8 teacher, Silver Creek Public School Georgetown, ON

"I was fortunate to be Tribes trained prior to starting my teaching career at teachers college at the University of Toronto. Tribes is the foundation for my teaching philosophy from which I have been able to deliver the curriculum more effectively and creatively. Tribes is not in addition to the curriculum but a means of delivery using various strategies and energizers. Without a classroom built on the principles of Tribes I would not be able to facilitate an intensive cooperative learning environment. I have found through experience and observation that effective cooperative learning can not occur without Tribes. Furthermore, discipline issues are rare in a Tribes classroom because respect for oneself and others is the norm. I can not imagine running a classroom without Tribes!"
Meaghan Clifford � presently teaching in Alberta, previous experience in Halton District School Board

"As a classroom teacher I have learned to trust in the Tribes� process. Starting on the first day of school I believe in developing inclusion within the classroom by providing many opportunities for the children to present themselves and their ideas to the group. I have found that when children feel accepted among their peers and believe they are important to the class dynamic, their confidence grows. They become much more likely to take the necessary risks to learn new things throughout the year. Classroom management is made easier with the four Tribes Agreements. I have found that when I teach and come to expect the students to live by the Tribes Agreements in the classroom, I don�t have as many behaviour issues to deal with. There doesn�t seem to be a need for other rules and regulations within the classroom as they all seem to fit nicely under the four agreements. This is both simple and effective for students (and teachers) to understand and live by."
Amy Marshall Halton District School Board teacher

"As a new administrator in a large school, you wonder how to establish a positive culture of learning and collaboration when you have so many people within your community. Tribes was the vehicle for our school to establish its values as a community. It is the foundation that provides the framework upon which our entire organization is based. Most importantly, Tribes is not just a program that positively impacts our school climate, but it is the philosophy through which our instructions practices, social interactions, professional development, and community partnerships are established."
Randy Mouresaut vice principal, Silver Creek Public School, Georgetown, ON

"The benefits of creating a classroom based on Tribes appear in stages. The first benefit is that it helps to create a calm, safe, respectful learning environment. The second stage is that the Tribes promotes risk taking, peer coaching, student leadership, and self advocacy. A Tribes classroom allows for differentiated learning because diversity in the learner and learning are respected. "
Carolyn Reist � vice principal McKenzie Smith Bennett School, Acton, ON

"As a resource teacher I work with students with diverse learning needs. Often struggling students display low self esteem, and low feelings of self-worth can lead to behaviour problems. The Tribes process helps all students feel safe, included, valued, respected and appreciated for their unique contributions to the learning community. As feelings of self worth increase, negative behaviours decrease, and I have more time to teach because the discipline problems fade away."
Joanne Nimigan, Special Education Resource Teacher, Silver Creek Public School, Georgetown
Training Testimonials (Evaluation forms)
  • Excellent, well prepared, well organized, helpful, professional, friendly approachable and very knowledgeable.
  • Knowledgeable, experienced, fun, respectful.
  • They were totally fantastic in every sense�helpful, energetic, passionate.
  • Fabulous! Wendy and Marilyn were most helpful, approachable, accommodating. They are great administrators of the program and their enthusiasm kept the class motivated.
  • Both trainers were incredible. Thoughtful and caring and flexible.
  • You both brought so much energy, enthusiasm and warmth to this weekend. I feel lucky to have gotten the chance to learn with you.
  • Thank you! I am so thankful to have had this experience at the beginning of my career. I will carry everything that I have learned in my heart throughout my years as a teacher. I really can�t thank you both enough for that.
  • This course is phenomenal! Thank you so much.
  • And finally -- Even though Marilyn and Wendy are a little older, they sure don�t act like it! Very cool people!
Training Testimonials (One day overview)
  • I feel energized and encouraged and confident after having workshops with Marilyn and Wendy � the Dynamic Duo!
  • I love this presentation! I learned so much! Thank you!
  • I think that everyone should take this workshop.
  • I feel inspired!
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