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Fostering the Tribes Process in Canada

This message contains the following information:
  1. A description of the new chapter for Tribes Communities
  2. Information about how to access Online or Face to Face Canadian trainings
  3. An important message to Canadian Tribes trainers
1. A New Chapter for Tribes Communities - from
  • When Jeanne Gibbs wrote the first Tribes book in the 1970's, little did she realize that the Tribes Learning Community process would help build community in educational settings well into the 21st century. In the last 25 years, with the support of many dedicated staff and district trainers, Tribes has reached over 46,000 educators and their students in over 10,500 schools in 43 countries. This leading social emotional learning (SEL) program currently offers training for elementary, middle and high school educators, as well as after school and youth development programs.

    The future of Tribes is now brighter than ever!

    Jeanne and her home tribe are pleased to announce that Peace Learning Center in Indianapolis will be leading Tribes Learning Communities forward. After years of collaborative efforts between CenterSource and Peace Learning Center, two like-minded organizations, we are collectively excited about this new chapter for Tribes. TLC to PLC... a perfect fit!

    Peace Learning Center's approach to social emotional learning and bullying prevention involves engaging the entire school community to change the culture of the school into a place where differences are embraced, youth have a voice, and everyone can coexist peacefully. Peace Learning Center programs empower youth to be peacemakers while inspiring them to take responsibility for their education and their actions.

    In Canada, and the United States, longtime Tribes Staff Trainers will continue to facilitate training, consult and mentor new trainers under PLC's direction.

    Any tribes resources for Canadians will continue to be available through Tribes Distribution Inc.

2. What does Tribes training and learning look like in Canada?
a) Online Learning
If you are looking for the Basic Online training and certification, we direct you to or The online learning is currently offered through PLC. Meanwhile, a Tribes Online Toolkit is available for trainers at Teach Community - Weekly Ideas or on facebook at Tribes Learning Community. Tribes Learning Community is dedicated to featuring Tribes strategies and activities that are designed for online, beyond the 'toolkit'. The online courses provides rich resources and instruction that will allow participants to weave the Tribes process into online and face to face learning experiences to facilitate building community and deliver rigorous curriculum. The resources for the course continue to be available in Canada through Tribes Distribution Inc. (, 905-699-6764 )
b) Face to Face training
Historically, Tribes trainings has thrived and been well received in schools, Faculties of Education, Before and After School programs, and District Board Offices. Trainings have taken place in so many locations in Canada. We know there will be a time when more Face to Face training will be available in Canada again.

There are 4 kinds of certified trainings offered:
  • Basic Tribes Training
  • Middle School Tribes Training
  • High school Tribes Training
  • After School Youth Development Program Training
Please see for more information about the trainings

For participants seeking Face to Face training contact in Canada please contact

3. An important message for Canadian Tribes trainers:
  • The Peace Learning Center has requested that Tribes Distribution Inc. coordinate the pathway by which Tribes trainers are linked to requests for Tribes training in Canada. We will be following a very similar process to the one used by David Gibbs and CenterSource and adhering to the procedures outlined in the trainers' contracts with CenterSource. We will be updating the database of current Canadian trainers. Using the list of Canadian trainers obtained from David Gibbs, we intend to send out information via email about giving and receiving Tribes trainings. If you are an active and certified Tribes trainer in Canada you can be expecting this email by early September. If you do not receive this email, it is critical that you contact us at for more information.

We urge you to still follow Tribes or Peace Learning to keep updated about this exciting new venture.

As fellow Tribes enthusiasts, we appreciate your continued support in this exciting next step for Tribes!
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